Stay chic on the streets with this backpack designed together with the fashion forward Janni Delér. Your go-to accessory come day or night. Just the right size to fit your dearest belongings. The Petite comes with a detachable shoulder chain.

The Petite

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    "The Petite is something really special to me since I’ve created it from scratch. Mini backpacks are really a thing now, but I feel like many of the expensive designer backpacks are not as useful as they are stylish. What I really love about The Petite is the big zipper openings and the pockets - practical with style"

    Customize the look of your Petite with the detachable shoulder chain.

    The patented Hook-Up system allows weight to be lifted off human shoulders and placed over wheels in stead."My favorite detail is the hookup system - genius! Especially when I am at the airport myself and have two bags to carry but at the same time want a coffee - then I just hook on one bag onto the other, and I have one hand free to enjoy my coffee."- Janni Olsson Delèr

    Durable MaterialIn order to keep your bag swag alive for years and years we strive to use durable and environmental friendly materials, that looks sick AF for as long as possible. Therefore The Petite in black dresses itself in a matt black PU leather, while the grey and red Petite uses smooth lookin' Tarpaulin.

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