Mid-sized wheeled travel bag with a sturdy construction and easy handling.

The whole bag opens in one single motion, providing easy access to whatever is needed – just like having an own cargo container on the go. Mesh pockets along the insides of the bag ensure that any small objects stay in place.

Big wheels and a sturdy handle allows for smooth navigation, whilst the hook-up system lets you easily attach your backpack for a lighter travel experience.

Let’s roll!

Little Bastard 60L

$239.00 Regular Price
$191.20Sale Price

    Hook-up system

    The Big Bastard loves to carry as much weight as possible.

    Our patented hook-up system fully integrates with all backpacks turning two products into one single unit, placing the weight over the wheels for maximum volume but minimum hassle.

    Rib cage construction
    The integrated rib cage construction, consisting of strong and lightweight ABS ribs, has allowed all traditional padding to be removed – leaving the bag to be lightweight and protective.